The Shallowz, Jazzy Sky, and The Antenna Tribe Are On Air

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The Shallowz are a Northern Virginia quintet specializing in contagious indie rock. The sound is somewhat familiar to the ear, yet surprisingly new and different. Dedicated to enjoying the creative process of writing and performing original rock music, The Shallowz come from diverse musical backgrounds but work as a cohesive unit to craft and perform their own take on indie pop/rock. Typically conducted in a small barn in rural Warrenton, Virginia, The Shallowz would get together every other weekend to block out the weekly remnants of their day jobs and enjoy writing and play music. This ritual has continued for over 20 years in various incarnations, but at present we call ourselves, The Shallowz.


Jazzy Sky is a vocal Jazz band.

It starts its activity in 2018, and has been founded by Stephane Querry (Pianist and Composer) who writes the songs. One EP and numerous singles have already been released in all the streaming and download platforms, and new projects are going on. Two singers (Camille and Lydia) and different musicians perform the songs as function as the music.


The Antenna Tribe

From crafting gorgeous layered soundscapes to producing familiar pop-sensible stories, The Antenna Tribe has, at its core, an unrelenting drive to be both emotionally familiar and sonically unique. A knack for impeccable craftsmanship and an ear for faithfully communicating the human condition has resulted in glimmering arrangements and unforgettable musical memories. Working with an array of talented singer-songwriters, The Antenna Tribe strives to cast each vocalist in their optimal light, building layers of sound around each of them as they tell each story with emotion and poignancy. 

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