Rachelle Mone't Is On Air

29 minutes

Rachelle Mone’t originally from New York, and  currently live in NC. She have been writing poetry since age 11 Published my first poetry book “Move Forward” collection of poems in January 2022.  She is grateful that God has now given her the gift of writing lyrics and melodies of Inspirational/gospel songs. She released her first song in January of this year “A Kiss on Angel Wings” (Feat. Claire Virginia) It is also the title of a poem in my book "Move Forward" that was written as a tribute to my dad in heaven.  She released 2 more songs in April 2022.

“God is Able to Finish What He Started “(feat. David and Tiffany Spencer) and “Living Water” (feat. Claire Virginia) It is my goal and prayer to complete my first EP later on this year.

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