Pontianak, Joseph Rutakangwa, and Donny Dey

19 minutes


Every year I set out to do something I dreamed of doing as a kid and on my birthday in 2021 I released my first music album, an Extended Play, as a birthday gift to myself - to tell my 12-year old self that "Yes, you wanted to publish music and now you have." It's the best feeling ever!

I lived around music since I was little so music shaped how I look into my past, how I feel in the present, and how I imagine my future. At different stages growing up I've been immersed in different genres; from Adult contemporary, Soul, and 20th-century rock, through Afropop, Gospel/Christian to R&B, Punk, Indie folk, and Latin music. You can imagine how my music library looks. My general tendencies are toward anything with a piano, acoustic guitar, and bass. The fewer instruments the better.




Born in atlanta, ga… to immigrant parents from india 🇮🇳… studied classical piano 🎹 and music 🎵 from a very young age… and has lived in nashville, tennessee… played in numerous music 🎵 groups … traveled 🧳 all over the country 🇺🇸… and now residing in phoenix, arizona have been working and collaborating with many different artists / singers and musicians, producers, djs from over the world 🌍 🌎 🌏 … making hits 💿 and dance 🪩 💃 🕺 anthems… and pop hits with a multitude of cultural influences… all fused together… and now ready to live on the radio 📻 🎵 and share these viral pop hits with the 🌎! check out… donny dey on all music 🎵 platforms … oh and remember he does everything himself… produces, writes, engineers 👨‍💻, djs, promotes, sings, raps, makes the instrumentals and / or beats 🎧… literally a single one ☝️ man show!!

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Start listening to Indie Artist Paul Grosso, Artist Trudytheproducer, and Artist S.T.B. DEE JAY
Start listening to Indie Artist Paul Grosso, Artist Trudytheproducer, and Artist S.T.B. DEE JAY