OCEASand Feat. Michael & Ashley Tipping, Variable Mood, Swift Timmy, and Skylark Are On Air!

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OceaSand, an artist with a great passion for music, writing songs for listeners of rock/pop with a range of featured singers, we hope to keep bringing you great songs, thank you for your support, spread the word.



My high school friend and I were going to start a band Variable Mood back in the 90s but life interfered with the music career plans. I am reviving the band today myself 30 years later with some help and support from my family.

We live in Golden Valley, Minnesota.  I started making music back in school once we bought a Yamaha PSR model arranger. Prior to that I have attended classical piano lessons for a few years which gave me some music foundation and inspirations.



Swift Timmy is a recording project from the Northern Beaches area of Sydney Australia, The songs are written by Tim Channon, and most of them are sung by Adelaide Channon. The project has a strong following amongst Indie music lovers, and the songs are melodic and hypnotic, with simple choruses and interesting lyrics.


Skylark is a music band formed in 2022, made up of two musicians from Kharkiv ,Ukraine ( Polina Faustova and Dima Faustov ) who relocated to Leipzig after the start of Russian aggression on Ukraine.

We had many interesting projects in Ukraine and tours, but we lost everything.  So we start from scratch in a new country, we have our music that we want to share.  The sounds of cello and saxophone are smoothly mixed with modern dance and hip-hop rhythms.

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