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Higher Hill is a Texas singer-songwriter duo. This original project that is on Amazon's "must-listen to" is a delightful and eclectic mix of Paul's musical structure, rock guitar sounds and Vanessa's lyrics and vocal melodies. The duo is brought forward by the grammy winning Jeff Trott (producer and co-writer with Sheryl Crow) and David Kershenbaum (Tracy Chapman, Bryan Adams) as well as a host of Platinum and Grammy winning artists including Fred Eltringham, Billy Justineau, Andrew Petroff. Gravity, Miles Ago, and Best Life were produced by David Kershenbaum who included the iconic Leland Sklar, Denny Fongheiser, and Jon Gilutin. Last but certainly not least, Kate Malone brought 6 songs to life from Lullaby all the way to screaming River with Nashville's own Devin Malone, Matt Utterback, Josh Matheny, John Henry Trinko and amazing BGV's by Tori Tullier. Vanessa and Paul are ASCAP artists and have all song versions mixed by the incredible Buckley Miller and mastered and ready for synch and licensing. Music composition owned by HigherHill Studios LLC.


Mr. Wink is 64 and have just started this full time music adventure. During my years on this earth, I've always had my guitar handy and have written a number of songs I thought worthy of the world to hear. I didn't pursue a music career because I had to provide and raise a family. So I started IT companies, sold my first one creating & installing computer networks in 2001. Sold my second one to a private equity group specializing in information security on December 31st last year. Now it's my time to follow my passion, which has always been music and see where it goes. 

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