Diamounosguardo and Ce' Jay Super Saucy and Serious by Fierce

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 a producer, I like to do dance music, I've always loved and wanted to do it, I like my music to be listened to and danced: from 2018 I chose to be a producer and I'm building a professional path, of course I still have a lot to learn, but I'm putting my effort and dedication into making my dream become a reality.

Since 2019, I am moving, in this sector combining my passion for music, I am creating playlists where I insert songs, thus helping many to be discovered for larger playlists; I am so busy with the musical promotion that I am delaying the release of the my music, but what could be nicer than looking for and spreading music? This 2020 started with collaborations with "manager" of music, let's see where and what will bring me this year! Music and I will try and insert more and more music. Follow me on social media and if you have your own song, offer it, I love music, I love listening.


Born in Jamaica, CE’JAY moved to Toronto, Canada with his family when he was young. After earning his Bachelor’s of Music from York University he moved to London, England for 2 years to pursue his passion for teaching. There he was exposed to an extremely diverse set of people and influences as he embraced the culture of European Pop and Afrobeats. He brought these sounds back with him to Toronto where he has been making music, teaching, directing, and performing with his community. He has an extensive background in Gospel from singing in church, various competitions, and collaborating with other toronto-based artists. CE’JAY’s artistry is a reflection of his life journey - his struggles and his resilience. In his music he combines the spirit of pop and Afrobeats with laid back R&B vocals and soulful vocal arrangements. His songs inspire and uplift his audience to be their highest self and keep on dancing

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