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Cheri Shannon aka Cheri Janae, receives much crowd applause whenever she performs on stage as a singer and songwriter from Chicago. The early years were of trial and perseverance but Cheri is not only talented but has a heart made of the elements that others spend a lifetime to achieve. She has grown within as well as externally to provide the confidence that now radiates with her smile and interactions with her fans. She is the boss lady on stage. Not only is she trained in the classics vocally, such as Mozart and Gerswhin, but Cheri Janae began to open up her repertoire while in college. Today she is a comfortable writer and vocal artist in the genre of Pop and R&B music in the music community. After scoring a finalist in the NBC show “Fame”, as well as in the mini-stage production of Spike Lee’s film “School Daze”, she was casted in a co-starring role in a TV pilot produced by Mike Merrill for That Common Production. She vocally crafted her career at open mics, music festivals, as a performer at the House of Blues and, a Sony BMG music showcase at Chicago’s most famous Nightclub “Excalibur”, which she realized were pivotal in her career. Cheri fuses R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Latin, and Dance music with a 4.5-octave vocal range. She received airplay on college radio stations and weekend radio mix shows for several of her early songs including “How Wud U Like” and “I Can Love You” before the digital music trend. A few of her influences include Mariah Carey, Adele, Sade and Whitney Houston.

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