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The band began during late 2020 as JJ searched for the perfect voice to tell the story. In early 2021, Yara joined the band, and the future was set. The pair come from wildly different musical backgrounds. With music that combines Pop, Synthwave, Post-rock with R’n’B infused vocals to create another dimension of sound. The band does not accept musical genre limits but rather allows the power and feeling of the songs to dictate the sound. JJ brings his love of films scores and synth pioneers to try and capture the raw emotion of the characters in the story.

Coming from a classical music education and musical engineer background. He felt this project needed to be shared with the world. Yara takes on the role and emotions of the lead character taking listeners on a journey with her. Her fiery attitude and vocal confidence provide an energizing addition to the band. Each song was written to tell the overarching story, but intently each song also has 2 other meanings. One meaning can be taken from the song without context of the album and the lead characters.  **********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************


He is 100% independent and makes his own own beats, writes, raps, record, and mixes. His biggest producer influence is Dr. Dre. Along with Timbaland, Pharrell, Lil Jon, Scott Storch, and Kanye.

While he has several influences as a rapper, some of the top favorites are 2Pac, Eminem, NWA, Snoop, Ice Cube, Outkast, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Do or Die, Twista, UGK, Lords of the Underground, Beastie Boys, Sir-mix-a lot, Paperboy, G-mo, Tech Nine… and many more. J.J. is well diversified with key influences.

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