Artist Benjamin Koll, and Indie Artist Rebel Are On Air!

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Benjamin Koll is the alter ego of the Spanish producer formerly known as Juan Belmonte. Born in Alicante, Spain, Juan showed an early interest in the arts, especially literature, painting and music.

Having written, produced and arranged hit songs and remixes for world-renowned pop groups and singers, Juan as a musician, became known for his top-notch production technique and his expertise in creating club and radio hits that captivated audiences around the world. In 1996 he founded the production team "Pumpin' Dolls", becoming one of the most sought after names in the record industry, achieving 3 Billboard number one sales in the USA, another 7 in different countries, adding up to more than 40 #1 with artists such as Santana, Mike Oldfield Christopher Cross, Whitney Houston, Cher, TLC, Kylie Minogue, Matt Bianco, A-Ha, Blue, Ana Torroja, Marta Sanchez, Monica Naranjo and Miami Sound Machine. In 2005, he disbanded "Pumpin' Dolls" and returned to doing solo work and producing different artists under his own name.



Rebel is a small artist who has been bending genres and making music since he was very young, he has been very honest about his struggles and it really comes through in the music. He has just put out a new album and is breaking the mold of young artists not showing maturity through their music. He currently lives in Thailand but spent a lot of time in the U.S UAE and many other places.

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