Artic Baba Is On Air!

22 minutes

ARTIC BABA is a rising band whose latest single, ‘Onde Radio’, is out now and available to stream on all major streaming platforms! Having initially started playing together in their early teenage years, the band initially disbanded to pursue other career paths before eventually coming back together with their new creative project ARTIC BABA in 2020. Although they receive inspiration from a number of styles, ARTIC BABA combine a variety of compositional elements to form their unique and authentic sound. ARTIC BABA currently have two releases in their Spotify discography. One of their most popular tracks, ‘MR. CRAZY’, has already amassed almost forty-two thousand streams on Spotify alone. With a growing number of followers and listeners, there is no denying the fact that ARTIC BABA is developing a dedicated following of loyal fans who will be eager to hear their latest single, ‘Onde Radio’. FEATURED RELEASE ‘Onde Radio’ by ARTIC BABA is out now and available to stream on all major streaming platforms! The single lasts around four and a half minutes and sits at 154 bpm. The track commences with a ten-second intro that sets the tone from the outset and builds a sense of anticipation for the verse. The subtle layering of harmonized backing-vocal elements adds depth to the vocal line without detracting from the lyrical prominence. The melodic eclectic guitars seamlessly merge with the foundational bass and rhythmic percussion to provide the perfect platform for the vocal. A melodic instrumental shift followed by an impressive electric guitar solo from around 2:55 to 3:45 delivers just the right amount of dynamic diversity to ensure that this single is engaging from start to finish. By the time ‘Onde Radio’ draws to a close, you’ll find yourself humming along with the catchy hook and in need of hitting that repeat button for another listen.

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Start listening to Indie Artist Amor X Is On Air!